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1. Download & install Minecraft

2. Open the game, then login (if you don't have Minecraft account, create an account here)

3. click Multiplayer -> Add Server -> enter mc.lectron.com in the address box

4. Play and enjoy!





Lectron Minecraft is a popular and long-standing Minecraft survival multiplayer server with free fly ability.

Find out what marks us out from the rest!

Enhanced MMO survival economy roleplaying feel

Everything you see in Lectron Minecraft has been built by hand, from legitimately harvested materials. We're sure you'll agree, this makes the epic structures here all the more impressive.

Massive, long-established world

Lectron Minecraft has one of the largest truly public map of any Minecraft Survival Multiplayer (SMP) servers. It has grown to terabytes in disk storage space, and has been explored and built in by millions of unique players.


This server has an extended history of modification, and most of its software is bespoke.

  • Comprehensive grief alert system in place, with server logging.
  • Destructive mobs and natural events (fire, TNT, lava) nerfed.
  • A vast array of social features, including reputation, friends lists, and Discord integrations.
  • Effective in-game chat, mail and parcel system.
  • Website control panel and player statistics on this website.
  • Random free gifts for all players!
  • World backups are taken very frequently, and kept in duplicate off-site for additional security.
  • Paid offerings are cosmetic bonuses
  • ... and much more!

A more complete list of server features can be seen on the menu above.