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Commands List

Command List

Commands are sent to the server using the chat box as well. Most commands are prefixed with / (forward slash).

For example, to see a list of common commands, press T to open the chat box, type in /help, and hit enter.

Many of the commands on this server have multiple pages associated with them. When you enter /help, you see the first help page (it should tell you how many pages are available. To see the second page, enter /help 2. The third page would be /help 3, etc...

Here is a list of the commands you can use on Lectron Minecraft.



/backReturns you to your last position from a prior teleport.
/balanceGives the current balance of a player
/clearinventoryClear a players inventory.
/compassDisplays your current bearing in the world.
/depthDisplays your current block depth in relation to sea-level.
/getposDisplays your current coordinate location in the world.
/godDISABLED - see /egod
/egodToggles god mode.
/healHeal a player.
/helpThis displays the help commands for essentials.
/helpopRequests help from online staff.
/homeTeleports you home. (set by the /sethome command)
/ignoreIgnore a player
/infoThis allows you to see information about the server.
/jumpTeleports you to the spot you select.
/kitSpawn a predefined kit.
/listLists the players online and how many slots are left.
/meAllows you to emote.
/motdDisplays the motd (Message of the Day).
/msgThis allows you to private message another player.
/payPays a specified player from your balance.
/pingReplies to the command with "Pong!"
/powertoolAssigns a command to the item in hand.
/rQuickly reply to the last player to message you.
/rulesDisplays the rules.
/seenCheck when a player was last online.
/sethomeSets your home location.
/setwarpDefines a new warp location.
/suicideCommit suicide.
/thunderToggle/trigger thunder.
/timeChange or display the server time
/topTeleports you to the highest block at your current location.
/tpTeleport directly to a player
/tpaAsks the player if you can teleport to them.
/tpacceptAccept a /tpa request.
/tpahereAsks the specified player to accept transport to your location.
/tpdenyDeny a /tpa request.
/treeSpawns a tree.
/warpWarps you to a pre-set location
/worldAllows you to teleport to different world.
/resAccess the residence plugin (/res ? for help)
/listPartyLists the current members of the party
/kickPartyMemberKicks the member from the party. Only the leader is able to perform this action
/addPartyMemberSends a party invite to the target player
/disbandPartyDisbands the entire party
/startDungeonAutomatically start the target dungeon for the player or player's party
/spawnTeleports you to spawn.
/mcabilitytoggle ability activation on right click
/ptpteleport to another party member
/partycreates a party
/myspawnReturn to your own personal spawn
/inviteinvite player to your party
/acceptjoin a party you've been invited to
/clearmyspawnClears your personal spawn point
/ptoggle party chat