Commands List

Command List

Commands are sent to the server using the chat box as well. Most commands are prefixed with / (forward slash).

For example, to see a list of common commands, press T to open the chat box, type in /help, and hit enter.

Many of the commands on this server have multiple pages associated with them. When you enter /help, you see the first help page (it should tell you how many pages are available. To see the second page, enter /help 2. The third page would be /help 3, etc...

Here is a list of the commands you can use on Lectron Minecraft.

Basic Commands

/m {username}

  • Privately message another player anywhere on the network.
  • Note: If the player isn't on the same server the name will be case-sensitive.


  • Teleport to spawn.

/seen {username}

  • Checks the last login time of a player on the server. This will also show any previous usernames used by this player.

/realname <nickname> -or- /rn <nickname>

  • Find out who a nicknamed user really is.


  • Read the rules.


  • See our custom help information displayed to you on screen.


  • See the message of the day.

/help list

  • See our available help information pages displayed to you on screen.


  • This will teleport you to our tutorial which gives you many tips on how to play ECC.


  • Set the location of your home, however you can only have one home at a time unless you acquire the feature MultiHomes or MultiHomes+

/home -or- /h

  • This will teleport you to your default home named "home" if you only have one. If you dont have any homes it will teleport you to your last bed location. If more then one home is available a list will pop up showing your available homes ready for access, in which case use /home homename -or- /h homename.

/home bed -or- /h bed

  • This will teleport you to where your home bed is. You may place a bed and sleep in it at night to set your home bed, then use this command to return to that spot.

/kit tools

  • Receive a basic starter kit to use on Lectron Craft! This will help you get started in our world and jump right into building, mining and more! This can only be used once every 12 hours!

/tpa {username}

  • Sends a teleport request to a specified user)


  • Accept a teleportation request)


  • Deny a teleportation request.

/exp -or- /xp

  • Check your exp and how much exp is needed to level up to the next level.


  • Get your exact co-ordinate position shown to you.


  • Get the short name and the material name of the item you are holding in your hand.


  • Check the remaining durability of the tool you are holding.

/mail send {username} {message}

  • Send a mail to another player, so they will be able to read once online

/mail read

  • Read your mails

/mail or /mail help

  • Displays the list of the new cross-server mail commands

/mail list|listall

  • Read your new messages with /mail list
  • List all your mail messages with /mail listall

/mail del all|read

  • Delete your mails with /mail del all
  • Delete all read mails with /mail del read


  • Shows you what the server time is.


  • Teleports you to a wilderness land area in the world (Overworld).


  • List of server warps you are able to teleport to.
    • viet - takes you to Viet's head
    • end - takes you right to the front of the end portal in Rising.
    • nether - takes you right to the front of the nether portal in Rising.

/warp <warpname>

  • Teleport to the warp specified in the <warpname> field. 


  • See a list of warps.


/backReturns you to your last position from a prior teleport.
/balanceGives the current balance of a player
/clearinventoryClear a players inventory.
/compassDisplays your current bearing in the world.
/depthDisplays your current block depth in relation to sea-level.
/getposDisplays your current coordinate location in the world.
/godDISABLED - see /egod
/egodToggles god mode.
/healHeal a player.
/helpThis displays the help commands for essentials.
/helpopRequests help from online staff.
/homeTeleports you home. (set by the /sethome command)
/ignoreIgnore a player
/infoThis allows you to see information about the server.
/jumpTeleports you to the spot you select.
/kitSpawn a predefined kit.
/listLists the players online and how many slots are left.
/meAllows you to emote.
/motdDisplays the motd (Message of the Day).
/msgThis allows you to private message another player.
/payPays a specified player from your balance.
/pingReplies to the command with "Pong!"
/powertoolAssigns a command to the item in hand.
/rQuickly reply to the last player to message you.
/rulesDisplays the rules.
/seenCheck when a player was last online.
/sethomeSets your home location.
/setwarpDefines a new warp location.
/suicideCommit suicide.
/thunderToggle/trigger thunder.
/timeChange or display the server time
/topTeleports you to the highest block at your current location.
/tpTeleport directly to a player
/tpaAsks the player if you can teleport to them.
/tpacceptAccept a /tpa request.
/tpahereAsks the specified player to accept transport to your location.
/tpdenyDeny a /tpa request.
/treeSpawns a tree.
/warpWarps you to a pre-set location
/worldAllows you to teleport to different world.
/resAccess the residence plugin (/res ? for help)
/listPartyLists the current members of the party
/kickPartyMemberKicks the member from the party. Only the leader is able to perform this action
/addPartyMemberSends a party invite to the target player
/disbandPartyDisbands the entire party
/startDungeonAutomatically start the target dungeon for the player or player's party
/spawnTeleports you to spawn.
/mcabilitytoggle ability activation on right click
/ptpteleport to another party member
/partycreates a party
/myspawnReturn to your own personal spawn
/inviteinvite player to your party
/acceptjoin a party you've been invited to
/lottery menu
Clears your personal spawn point
/lottery help
toggle party chat
Main lottery command
/lottery menu
Opens the Lottery GUI Menu
/lottery help
Shows all the lottery commands
/lottery time
Checks how long until lottery rolls
/lottery buy
Buys a lottery ticket
opens the bounties GUI
/bounties help
shows the help page
/renameRenames the item
/loreSets the lore of the item
/glowApplies glow to the item
/removeglowRemoves the glow from the item
Open trails GUI
/voteVote for the server
/pp guiOpens the playerparticles GUI
/pp listLists all active playerparticles
/pp helpOpens the help menu.
/pp styleOpens the styles for playerparticles
/shop  Opens the shop
/shop check
get information of the item held in hand
/sell all
sells all items from your inventory
/sell hand [quantity] sell the item held in your hand
Shows all possible commands and information
Show main supertrails menu
/Trade accept
Accept to currently pending trade request
/Trade deny
Refuses trade request
/Trade block [playername]
Blocks trade requests from player (per user)
/Trade toggle
Toggles global trade accepts (per user)