Our custom-made Discord linking bot allows for players to connect their Discord accounts via Minecraft. This is just another sense of verification for our users to use to ensure swift assistance in-game and on Discord. We provide what’s best for our users and want to ensure Lectron is secure as it can be.

We give players the ability to chat in-game to chat with players on your Discord server as well as having people on the Discord server be able to chat with people on the server- this is useful for the situation of someone not being at their computer and being able to talk in-game. You can conduct trades via the Discord, and discuss future projects and ideas. 

The following directions are the steps to connect your Discord to your Minecraft account:  

1). Join our Minecraft server, mc.lectron.com, and type the following command in chat: /discord link.

2). Join our Discord server: mc.ly/discord.

3). When submitting the command on our Minecraft server, please follow the proper directions from there. You will receive a code and be told to message our Lectron bot for verification.

4). Your Minecraft account is now paired with your Discord account!