There is an in-game currency on Lectron. Using this currency, you can buy and sell with other players. As mentioned earlier, you can check your current balance by typing /balance. To earn money, you can buy and sell in the main city, or complete jobs. Jobs are an easy and simple way to earn money! You can earn quite a lot. Using the methods provided below, you can earn more money too. It's really important to have a balance as it's what keeps you going.



The auction house is one of our main ways in order to sell your unwanted items in an automated store. Using the auction house command (/ah), this will open up the browsing area and allows for you to purchase other player’s items for a price they set. 

This addition gives you an additional way for you to sell your items without having to use a ChestShop. Instead, you can sell your items electronically with the use of the command, /ah sell <price>. Now that you have an item currently in auction, it either must be bought or withdrawn from the auction house. You may withdraw your item from the auction house by right-clicking the item in /ah


ChestShops are an essential in selling your items to players. Adventuring throughout the city, you’ll notice these shops being advertised with often specific items of the seller's choice. If you’re looking to make a bit of money off of your products, look no further than using nifty shops as they are the key that allows for you to profit.

Also, keep in mind that these types of shops (ChestShops and the Auction house) may be used in the use of trading items/currency. This is to properly ensure all of our in-game deals on Lectron are scam-free. You have many methods in order to prevent yourself from being scammed from another player. 

You will begin to familiarize yourself around a sign that looks exactly like this when looking in chestshops :


If you are unfamiliar with this sign, below is a proper breakdown of the sign itself:

  • The first line is the username of the person who is selling the item.

  • The second line is the amount of whatever item is being sold.

  • The third line shows the prices of whatever is being bought or sold. In the example, 64 diamonds can be bought for 10 or sold for 5.

  • The fourth and last line is the actual item name itself.


Trading is an easy way to exchange items with other players in-game using /trade. It's an easy way to do trading, as well as a very safe method.