Gang is an advanced high-quality add-on with lots of customization options 

  • Create/disband gangs, invite/uninvite/kick players
  • Promote/demote players (there are 5 customizable ranks with different permissions in each gang)
  • Highly configurable permissions for each command
  • Gang and player statistics with kills, deaths, KDR, fights won, fights lost, WLR (won/lost rate)
  • Togglable friendly fire (for both administator and each gang's leader)
  • Gang chat channel with togglable social spy for administrators
  • Gang bank account
  • Alliances with PVP support and ally chat
  • Multiple homes (home, listhomes, delhome, sethome) - can be disabled in config
  • Chat-based leaderboard (top 10 with highest KDR and WLR)
  • Homes, gang chat and fights modules can be easily disabled in config
  • Customizable chat prefixes, max members amount, max homes amount (different for each gang level)
  • Fights - configure multiple fight arenas, challenge other gangs, bet and win/lose money
  • Prevent players from using certain commands during gang fight

Gang command & aliases: /gang /g

Ally chat command aliases: /allychat /achat /ac

Gang chat command aliases: /gangchat /gchat /gc

Fight command aliases: /fight

Admin command aliases: /gangadmin /gadmin /ga

  • /g help - list of all gang-related commands
  • /g list - list of all gangs
  • /g top - gangs leaderboard
  • /g info <gang> - specified gang's statistics
  • /g create <name> - create a new gang
  • /g disband - disband your gang
  • /g invite <player> - invite specified player to your gang
  • /g join|accept <gang> - join specified gang
  • /g uninvite <player> - cancel player's invitation
  • /g kick <player> - kick player out of your gang
  • /g leave - leave your gang
  • /g friendlyfire - toggle friendly fire in gang
  • /g levelup - level up to higher gang level
  • /g promote <player> - promote specified player to higher rank
  • /g demote <player> - demote specified player to lower rank
  • /g leader <player> - give the gang leadership to specified player
  • /g deposit <amount> - deposit money on your gang's bank account
  • /g withdraw <amount> - withdraw money from your gang's bank account
  • /g listhomes - list of all gang homes
  • /g home <home> - teleport to specified gang home
  • /g sethome <home> - set specified gang home's location
  • /g delhome <home> - delete specified gang home
  • /g player|playerinfo <player> - specified player's statistics
  • /g regroup <home name> - request all players to regroup at specified home
  • /g confirm - confirms previous action, eg. gang disband
  • /g ally <gang> - send alliance request to specified gang
  • /g neutral <gang> - set relation with an ally to neutral
  • /gc on|off - toggle gang chat on/off
  • /gc <message> - send a single message on gang chat
  • /ac on|off - toggle ally chat on/off
  • /ac<message> - send a single message on ally chat
  • /fight challenge <players amount> <money> <gang> - challenge specified gang for a fight
  • /fight accept <gang> - accept fight challenge from specified gang
  • /fight decline <gang> - decline fight challenge from specified gang
  • /fight join - join the fight your gang takes part in
  • /fight leave - leave the fight your gang takes part in