AFK = Away From Keyboard

OP = Operator (usually server owner)

SMP = Survival Multiplayer

BRB = Be Right Back

"Think of it like single player with friends. The creepers don't kill you with hugs but the banhammer can make short work of your grief ridden face." - Acsidol

<P_Bird> please can i just have a iron pick later on i will give you a dimond
<P_Bird> this server sucks you guys odnt even give ok stuff to noobs
<P_Bird> i highly doubt yo will miss me

Lectron Minecraft is a Minecraft Survival multiplayer server, with many roleplaying and additional enhanced aspects. We plan on making this one of the best and biggest survival servers out there, with in-depth guides and loads of cool features within it, you can enjoy a pure Survival experience with your friends whilst making sure others can't raid you! Protecting your base is key.

The term "survival" is frequently used to distinguish servers of this style from "creative" or "minigames" servers.

Defining features of a survival server

"If Lame was a country, Creative Mode would be its President."

  • Possibility of death, and subsequent loss of items
  • Presence of monsters
  • Day/night cycle
  • Elemental danger remains effective (i.e. falls from a height, lava)
  • Requirement to craft all tools (no free "kits")
  • Requirement to mine all building materials (no item or block spawning)
  • No automatic or remote building tools
  • No game-altering client mods allowed, i.e. fly mods

All these choices follow the natural single-player experience. In contrast, a creative server may focus on building rather than playing minecraft as a challenging game, allowing for easier construction of impressive structures. We have chosen not to follow this path, as epic structures are still possible - and are far more impressive when the viewer is aware that everything is mined and built by hand. With no way to obtain resources other than manually grinding for them; you can enjoy survival to it's fullest here - no cheating, no gamemodes. Just pure survival.

Other aspects of survival

Many servers do also abide by the above, but do not permit PVP and free building, instead using plugins such as cuboid to protect players' work. However, at Lectron Minecraft, we believe that PVP is an important aspect of survival, and the ability to build anywhere allows a level of collaborative creativity which would be stifled by the use of a protection system. We would rather have a server with players we can trust to respect each others' work, than force players to protect their work in neat partitioned boxes to avoid grief. Therefore we choose to invest in building up an amazing community and highly reliable moderator team, rather than using such artificially restrictive mods.

PVP = Player versus Player

PVP is an acronym for Player Versus Player and refers to combat between players. PVP is permitted at MinecraftOnline, as long as it is not taken to excess and does not degenerate into bullying. It's very key to make sure that PVP is friendly, and both parties have agreed to it. Try to avoid surprise attacks; unless you know the person will be okay with it.

Any attack that damages another player is regarded as PVP. When one player attacks another, a message will be spawned saying: "[offender] started a fight with [victim]!". When you open another player's profile on the control panel, you can see their kills and deaths in PVP. PVP is a really fun way to dual for items, as well as showing off your latest armour and tools.

Be Warned: There are killers on the server who deliberately seek out and kill whoever they can find, usually by luring an unsuspecting player into a position where they can be attacked without possibility of intervention, or by sneaking up from behind for a cowardly backstabbing. Please protect yourself from attack so that you can enjoy your time on the server. We will not punish anybody for these attacks, but instead, it is your responsibility to stay aware of them. 

Server-wide death notification messages are sent when one player kills another in PVP. They'll be displayed as "[Offender] has killed [victim] with a [tool]". This'll allow everyone to know who to target avoid.

Since 20 Feb 2012, it is possible to collect player heads by PVP combat. However, the heads are very rare.

Killing a player in PVP will bring you a visit from the Steve police.