Change Log

[2020/04/11] Optimization: Add proxy locations in London, Sydney, and Hong Kong to reduce perceived latency and compress more packets at the edge, hence improving players experience.

[2011/12/11] General: Donation stats Script is now setup on side of website.

[2011/12/11] General: When talking in game only people close to you can hear you now.

[2011/12/11] General: Website regisration is now connected to in game registration.

[2011/12/11] General: Installed No-Lag Plugin for testing.

[2011/12/11] General: Fixed various memory settings in bukkit launcher.

[2011/12/10] General: Starting money is set higher(200).

[2011/12/10] General: Money is lost/rewarded when you die/kill someone.

[2011/12/10] General: You no longer loose your items on player death.

[2011/12/10] General: Built Epic Gladiator PvP Arena where players can battle it out.

[2011/12/10] General: Built Various apartment complex's for all players to purchase.

[2011/12/09] General: Fixed various exploits in selling/buying certain minerals in shops.

[2011/12/09] General: Authorization in game plugin is implemented requires /register and /login.

[2011/12/09] General: Anti-Spam Plugins are Implemented.

[2011/12/08] General: Fixed Ventrilo/Facebook Modules on website.

[2011/12/08] General: Ranking information is now displayed on website when donating.

[2011/12/08] General: Housing is built in town for Donators.

[2011/12/08] General: Donation script on website is now succesfully working.

[2011/12/08] General: Autobroadcaster Is enabled to periodically display server messages.

[2011/12/08] General: Tweaking done to existing plugins to prevent greifing/abuse.

[2011/12/07] General: More Shops are built, Starting area built and set to spawn.

[2011/12/07] General: Autobroadcaster Is enabled to periodically display server messages.

[2011/12/07] General: LWC (Light weight chest) Plugin is implemented to protect chests/blocks.

[2011/12/07] General: Regions are set to prevent any griefing in town/pvp.

[2011/12/06] General: iConomy Plugin is implemented, Starting player money is set.

[2011/12/06] General: PermissionPex Plugin is implemented Permissions are set.

[2011/12/06] General: Essential Command Plugin is Implemented, Commands are Configured for players.

[2011/12/06] General: Chest Shop Plugin is implemented. Shops are Build

[2011/12/05] General: Spawn Points set/Basic Town is ressurected

[2011/12/05] General: Server Opens its doors to the public