• Provides a brief description of the add-on.

/mcMMO help

  • Displays a list of mcMMO commands.


  • Displays detailed information about that skill)
    • excavation - get rewards for digging stuff!
    • herbalism - get rewards for farming stuff!
    • mining - get rewards for mining stuff!
    • woodcutting - get rewards for chopping stuff!
    • axes - get rewards for hacking at stuff!
    • archery - get rewards for shooting at stuff!
    • swords - get rewards for slashing at stuff!
    • unarmed - get rewards for punching stuff!
    • acrobatics - get rewards for jumping off stuff!
    • fishing - get rewards for fishing stuff!
    • alchemy - get rewards for brewing stuff!


  • Displays a scoreboard showing the overall rank of each of your skills relative to all other players.


  • Displays a scoreboard showing the levels of each of your mcMMO skills.


  • Displays a scoreboard showing the top overall mcMMO level totals.

/mctop <skill>

  • Displays a scoreboard showing the top <skill> level totals.



  • Lists party members.


  • Toggles party chat.

/party join <name>

  • Attempts to join party.

/party <lock/unlock>

  • Locks or unlocks a party you are the owner of.

/party invite <username>

  • Invites a player to your party.


  • Accepts an invitation.

/party q

  • Quits a party.

/party owner <username>

  • Sets the owner of a party.

/party password <password>

  • Sets a password on a party.

/party kick <username>

  • Kicks a player from your party.

/party rename

  • Renames your party. You must be the leader of the party to rename.

/party disband

  • Disbands and removes all players within your party.