At Lectron, we utilise the most efficient server technologies to keep your gameplay as smooth as possible.  We make sure that our hardware is top of the line, and is always kept up to date with the latest updates. We have more than enough RAM to make sure that you can enjoy a smooth gameplay. Constant timings checks means that there's no memory leaks, random crashes or random lag spikes.

Leading-edge game server orchestration

We host Lectron Minecraft servers using our global network of over 15 bare-metal and cloud providers. Our container-based orchestration technology lets you balance the cost efficiency of bare metal with the flexibility of cloud based on your Minecraft experience.

Serious hardware

This server uses Google Cloud Platform infrastructure, with auto scaling to a maximum of 160 CPU threads and 3.75 Terabytes of RAM. Data storage is virtualized using Google Filestore and Google Cloud Storage for high throughput and IOPS to read large number of server files. The connection is optimized by Cloudflare Spectrum Enterprise, that proxies the traffic to 190+ locations around the world for both upstream and downstream. We want to make sure there is no lag when there are lots of players and mobs online.

Our Network utilizes:

  • Load Balancing
  • Traffic Directing
  • SSD Storage
  • Centralized location to optimize ping