How to get started on Lectron: 

  1. When you first spawn in, you will be located in the main world. This is where everything will be taking place. It's very important to know your way around the spawn, as all the important
  2.  To enter the survival world, type /wild. This'll teleport you to a random location in the map, it'll mean that you can run around the map, in a completely random area, and get your own land.
  3. Here, you can harvest items and claim land using /claim. This'll let you claim a bit of land all to yourself. Claiming land like this means that nobody else can build in your land. You can add others to your land if you wish.
  4. If you want to return to spawn and sell / buy items, type /spawn. This'll teleport you to where you first spawned in, and it'll allow you to roam the spawn area.